Set Up Info (for customers)

Our Bouncy Castles are designed for easy set up and can be done all by yourself.   Watch our Demo Videos on how to do it below.  If you have any questions during your rental period on proper set-up, please call us 416.885.9709.

Basic Set Up Instructions:

  1. dump the bouncy castle out of the garbage bin that it came it
  2. roll it out onto a FLAT, GRASS surface with the underside to the grass
  3. locate the BLOWER TUBE and the air release tube.  Its usually on the backside of the bouncy castle
  4. TIE the air release tube SHUT TIGHT (it is labelled!)
  5. Connect the BLOWER to the LONG BLOWER TUBE by tying the end of the blower tube to the spout of the blower.  **IMPORTANT!  Make sure the blower tube is STRAIT so that air can flow properly through it. 
  6. Plug the blower into your power outlet.  If the power source is too far away; use the provided extension cord.
  7. Turn the BLOWER POWER ON by flicking the power switch on it.  ***IMPORTANT!  If the blower does not start to blow, press the RESET button on the blower power cord.   It should work after that ;) 
  8. Allow the bouncy castle to slowly inflate.  It should only take a couple of minutes.   If needed, adjust the placement of the bouncy castle / release any kinks so it lats strait and so that air can flow into it properly. 
  9. Once the bouncy castle is inflated and you have it in the desired final position; STEAK OFF the corners of the bouncy castle to the grass surface.  Use the provided hammer and pegs and locate all the designated steak-off loops around the bottom of the bouncy castle. **IMPORTANT: it is VERY IMPORTANT that you steak-off the bouncy castle to the ground so that it does not blow away!!! 
  10. Ensure that you have at least 3' of clearance around all areas of the bouncy castle for children to pass and for some flex and bounce.    Ensure that children are away and safe around the blower or any cords / tripping hazards. 

Additional Instructions for WET BOUNCY CASTLES:

Water bouncy castles also come with a garden hose and additional black water tubing.

1. Open up the black water tubing.   Visualize the placement of the water tubing around the bouncy castle.    Most wet bouncy castles have the water sprayer at the top of the slide

2. locate the white velcro around the bouncy castle.  It holds the black water tubing to the castle.

3. attach the black water tubing to the white velcro around the bouncy castle in the designated areas

4. connect the water hose to your water supply and then the other end to the feeder area of the bouncy castles' black water tubing.

5. Turn on the water.   **IMPORTANT: you don't want your water pressure too high!  it will cause too much pressure in the small water tubing and a lot of of leaking.  Just use enough water pressure to allow water to flow through the system