2nd+ day rentals are always HALF PRICE!!!


NEW FOR 2021!!

Our sister company @ Innisfil Bouncy Castle Rentals now also offers a great selection of castles for rent!  If you are interested in any of their items, feel free to contact them directly to book.   With notice, there may be the opportunity to get their items delivered to Holland Landing for pick up at our location. 


Pick Your Fun!

EWG Bouncy Castle Rentals offers a small selection of the most versatile bouncy castle options to appeal to any crowd or event.  Our castles are designed for typical home party use for children and are meant as a DIY alternative to expensive and heavy commercial rentals. Our bouncy castles cannot be used for Commercial or large public events.  They also cannot be used on hard surfaces (grass only!).

Prices below are based on YOU picking up / setting up the bouncy castle yourself (and it's easy to do!).  Delivery & Set-up also available (with additional fee) to Bradford & close area ONLY.  All rentals are subject to a refundable $100 damage / cleaning deposit which is returned by EMT within 48 hours after inspection of the unit. 

Our bouncy castle rentals are EASY and AFFORDABLE for your DIY rental! Everything you need comes in our kit, including extension cords, hoses (for wet slides), mallet and everything else you need for an install. We also have set up demo videos on our website! Our wheeled bins make for easy transport.


Local * Versatile * Affordable

Everything yo need for your rental comes in an XL Garbage Bin on wheels!   Including extension cords, blower, hose (for water bouncy castles), etc.   Sand bags are also available if you require them for indoor use.  



Detailed Information About Each Castle

**please ensure that you check the specifications on your castle rental of choice prior to delivery or rental to ensure that you have enough space to accommodate it. 

Magic Castle Bounce HouseMINI Magic Castle

Can be used Indoor OR Outdoor *please see specification information 

Low enough to clear standard ceilings but tall enough to keep the kids safely inside, this bouncer is ideal for almost anywhere in or around the house. In the backyard or the living room, your kids will bounce freely while you take comfort knowing they're well protected by safety netting.

>>>Perfect for up to 3 children and small spaces or INDOOR USE (with sand bags)

Inflated Dimensions: Approx 11'L x 8.5'W x 8'H

Max Occupancy: approx. 3 children at a time (300 lbs)

Max Single User Weight: 100 Lbs (not suitable for adults or older children)

Recommended Age: 1-7

Features: Fun Castle Theme, Can be used Indoors, Safety Netting, Inflates in Seconds

Add a bag of 150 balls +$20/day

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Magic Castle XL

The Biggest, Coolest Castle in the Magic Family! With its massive jump area, multiple children can bounce and tumble to their hearts' delight for hours on end. Double wide slide, huge bouncer, and plenty of room to make this ideal for events, parties and family fun! 

>>> A perfect standard, affordable DRY bouncy castle option to please a crowd!

Inflated Dimensions: Approx 15'L x 12'W x 8.4'H

Max Occupancy: approx. 6-10 children at a time (600 lbs)

Max Single User Weight: 100 Lbs (not suitable for adults)

Recommended Age: 2+

Features: Fun Castle Theme, Small Slide, Safety Netting, Inflates in Seconds

Watch a Video of this bouncy HERE!

Add a bag of 150 balls +$20/day

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All White Castle 

The perfect addition to your Princess Party, Adult Event, Wedding, Communion or more!!

Inflated Dimensions: Approx 13'L x 13'W x 12'H

Max Occupancy: approx. 5 adults at a time OR 1000 lbs

Max Single User Weight:  250Lbs (SUITABLE FOR ADULTS)

Recommended Age: 2+

Features: All White Design.  Commercial Quality. Open Front for easy access / walk-in.

Add a bag of 150 balls +$20/day

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Hydro Rush Water Slide

A 10-Foot Curved Slide, showered by 2 Overhead Sprayers, landing in a generous Splash Area!   Kids love zooming down from the top of the Climbing Wall to the splash area below.   Need a break from climbing and sliding?   Use the Spray Cannon! Adults can get in on this part too!

The circular layout of the Hydro Rush keeps players from exiting and re-entering the Splash Area repeatedly, reducing grass and debris, and keeping your inflatable cleaner.

This slide is a great alternative for smaller children! 

Inflated Dimensions: Approx 19' L x 10.5' W x 8.25' H (Top of Arch)

Max Occupancy:  1 on slide, 1 climbing, 3 splash pool - 5 total at any time

Recommended Age: 3+ (not intended for adult use or older children over 100lbs)

Features: Water Slide, Huge Splash Area, Water Spray Cannon, Slide Sprayers, Ball Pit/Pool Water Collection area. 

Watch a Video of this bouncy HERE! 

Add a bag of 150 balls +$20/day

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Pirate Blaster - 3 total available for rent


With a bounce house, giant splash area, slide, tunnel, and climbing wall, your kids and their friends will have loads of space to pretend they are roaming the open seas. The tough climbing wall stretches to the top of the slide. From there, they can zoom down where the water canons await.

**please note the climb up the ladder to the slide can be difficult for toddlers / young children.  We recommend always having parental assistance at the climb or to consider the HYDRO RUSH castle if the party is strictly for young children.  

Inflated Dimensions:  Approx. 23.5'L x 14.25'W x 8'H   <<< please ensure you have the space! 

Max Occupancy:   9 children total at any time: 1 Slide,  4 Bouncer, 4 Ball Pit/Splash Area (500 lbs max)

Recommended Age: 4+ (not intended for adult use!)

Features: Slide, Spray Cannons, Fun Pirate Theme, Huge Splash Area, Huge Play Park, Bouncer, Crawl Tunnel

Add a bag of 150 balls +$20/day

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Crocodile Isle

main product photo

Splash and play in your own private lagoon. Hours of fun climbing, sliding and splashing!
Vivid imaginations will be set alight within this jungle paradise. Your kids will create their own adventures, escaping the crocodile and racing each other to the over-sized lagoon.

Add a bag of balls for even more fun +$20

>>> The perfect HOT DAY option!

Inflated Dimensions: Approx 14'D x 22'W x 8'H

Max Occupancy:   6 children total at any time (500 lbs max)

Recommended Age: 4+ (not intended for adult use!)

Features: Dual Slide, Massive Splash Area, Climbing Ramp, Climber

Add a bag of 150 balls +$20/day

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White Folding Chairs *we currently have 20 chairs total available 

Lots of guests and not enough seating??? 

Add a set of these sleek and easy white folding chairs to any order for only $20!

Comes as a set of 10 only.  Only 10 currently available.

We kindly ask that you return them wiped down and free of grass / mud on the feet after use.

They all come clean, individually wrapped and packed in a convenient tote together.

Rental Fee: $20.00 for a set of 10 chairs ($2/chair/day)

$100 refundable damage deposit applies for sets of 10


6' Folding Tables  *we currently have 5 available 

Our folding tables conveniently fold in half for easy transportation.  Do you need extra seating space, a gift table, or even just more place to put food ?? - these are a perfect addition to any party. 

**we recommend that you prepare some sort of table covering for the tables

Rental Fee: $20.00 for 10 chairs 10.00/table/day

$50 refundable damage deposit applies per table


Ultimate Outdoor Movie Screen, Projection & Speaker Set

Turn your movie night, special event or feature presentation to EPIC with this great outdoor cinema experience.  We provide everything you need to turn your yard into the perfect outdoor movie theatre setting. 

Package includes:

  • 20' outdoor inflatable movie screen (with blower and all other required materials as shown below)
  • High Definition Projector 
  • Mega 500w Sound outdoor Bluetooth PA System speaker with built in light display, microphone, stand, remote 
  • All the standard cables and connectors you would require
  • Clear connection and usage instructions 

Everything you need comes easy to DIY assemble for simple plug and play.   Connect your own DVD player or stream your favourite show or game from your mobile device. 

Rental Fee: $200.00 for for the day. 

$200 refundable damage deposit applies per rental

Pick up by 12 noon day of event; return next day by 10am next morning please (unless otherwise arranged).  Please note that the screen and projector works best when its dark outside.


White Pop-Up Party Tent (10' x 20') *no side walls available

Our pop up white tent is the perfect solution for any backyard party to add some extra coverage in case of rain or just to create more shade.


  • Canopy coverage: 10x20' of shade
  • Cover 8 tables in your garden; cover 7 beach chair on the beach; cover 20 people at the same time for your commercial events.


  • Heavy duty fabric: Durable PU, UV blocker, UPF 50+
  • 100% waterproof
  • Suitable for both sunny and rainy days.


  • Set up in seconds!
  • Super easy to set up with only 2 people
  • Roller bag for easy portability and light transportation
  • Please follow instruction sheets provided
  • Includes 6 Canopy Sand Bags, 4 Stakes & Ropes for stable and sturdy use

Please note: side walls are not available for this style of tent. 

Rental Fee: $100.00/day

$100 refundable damage deposit applies

Add Delivery & Set up for + $100.00 more 


2nd+ day rentals are always HALF PRICE!!!

Add-On's To Any Rental

Local Delivery & Set-up & Tear Down +$100

**please note that our delivery and set up option is VERY limited and local only!  We encourage you to pick up!
(Bradford, Newmarket, Aurora & East Gwillimbury area)
Includes: Delivery, Set-up & Tear Down/General Clean-Up of Bouncy/Pick up after event

Note: Delivery & Set-up service is OPTIONAL and based on availability. 

All rentals are subject to a refundable damage / cleaning deposit which is returned by EMT within 48 hours after inspection of the unit. 

We encourage clients to pick up their rental and set-up.  Our bouncy castles are light enough for you to save money by picking up & setting up yourself (no additional charge)! 

See the Resource Center to Watch videos on how to set up.

Add a bag of 150 balls +$20/day

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