Cleaning Tips for Bouncy Castles 

Friendly Reminder re Cleaning / Damage deposits 🙂......

Please note, we keep our rentals the most AFFORDABLE option locally because of our DIY model which asks that you please pick up and return your rental clean, dry and ready for the next rental (the way you receive it).  We inspect between rentals and are fine to do minor drying, sweeping and cleaning in between for our customers; but returning a bouncy sopping wet, covered in mud and grass filthy WILL forfeit your deposit.   sorry 😔.  

Pirates bay returned a disaster takes Adam and I two hours, 2 brooms, hot water, soap, a scrubber and 2 hours of electricity to let it dry out on the lawn and in decent shape after a rental.   As mentioned in our agreement, policies and demo video, it’s easy to clean if you hose it down after use and let it dry out and then give it a quick sweep. It’s actually harder to pack it up wet and dirty; so best to take the time while you have it set up and the water running.   What’s your time worth ? 

Clean-UpTips for WET Bouncy Castles:

  • Hose down bouncy of any excessive mud or sand after use 
  • Deflate the bouncy to allow water to run off and out of it
  • if needed, lift one end of bouncy to allow water to run out
  • rid bouncy of any pools of water.  If needed, sweep water out or use towels to dry
  • re inflate the bouncy.  Allow to remain blown up and run until completely dried out
  • After bouncy is dry, sweep out any dried grass or sand 
  • flip over bouncy on its back side.   Dry out the back side if needed
  • fold bouncy per tips below 
  • Put tie straps around bouncy 

Folding tips for wet bouncy castles:

  • fold pirates bay in half from the “pool” side which is lighter over to the heavier slide and ball pit side
  • Fold in the yellow blower tunnel, slide, and ball pit
  • continue to fold the bouncy in halfs.  The blue underside should be showing 
  • Once you cannot fold any more, use provided tie straps to secure