Inflatable Screen Instructions

Note: Screen works best in desirable weather conditions i.e. not too windy and late at night when its DARK outside

  1. Ensure you have enough clear space.  Poop & scoop and clear the set up area
  2. Roll out the inflatable screen from packaging (comes wrapped in bags)
  3. Attached the blower to the blower tube that sticks out the side of the screen *it is labelled* and it has the WHITE STRINGS attached to it.   Tie the white strings around the inflation tube to affix to blower. Turn on the blower.
  4. The screen base will inflate within a couple of minutes.  Note the labelled sides i.e. top / bottom.  The Velcro large rectangular opening is where the screen attaches 
  5. Attach the WHITE SCREEN to the Velcro edges of the inflatable screen frame  **note you may need to deflate the frame momentarily to be able to reach all the areas to attach the Velcro.
  6. Do final adjustments on the placement of the screen.  TIP: best if you lean against a fence / house / garage door etc. for some support from behind
  7. tether all 4 corners of the frame using the YELLOW strings attached to the corners.  You can use the provided metal lawn pegs to stabilize as needed. 
  8. For additional support, you may also add sand bags into the ZIPPERED area of the frame for additional support. 
  9. Blower MUST remain on while using the screen

Follow additional instructions for PROJECTOR and SOUND SYSTEM set up if rented


***please protect the white screen by folding it nicely and not getting it dirty!